My Lil Ice Pops - Pack of 4


Make your own refreshing ice pops with this pack of 4 reusable ice pop makes!

My Lil Ice Pops has quickly become the go-to brand in reusable ice pop moulds. With their bright, fun, swirl designs, and their ability to save you time and money, they are a big win for the whole family!

Made from 100% durable FDA approved silicone and with a 80mL capacity, they are reusable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

You can fill your Icepops with just about anything - fresh juices, yoghurts and fruit, smoothies and ice cream will go down a treat, and they are a perfect relief for young children teething too. 

Stop buying individually-wrapped iceblocks or large tubs of ice-cream, you can now make your own frozen, healthy treats at home that your kids will love. It's a win for the kids, a win for the adults and a win for the environment!

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