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Stix by Lunch Punch - Pastel

Create irresistible, edible combinations of fun stacked on a star topped kebab Stix, and in just moments turn lunch from dull to devoured!

Want to see the Stix in action? Take a look at my video! Click here and let me show you around!

Choose a favourite shade from the 7 Stix pastel colours and slide on a mix of delicious food combinations to tempt the fussiest of eaters.
Stix are carefully designed to fit in all popular bento lunch boxes (including Yumbox and Little Lunchbox Co) and they’re just the right size for school and party food share platters too.
Make a rainbow of seasonal fruits, veggies, cheese or meat. You could even use cut squares of sandwiches.
  • Each pack includes 7 pastel coloured stix.
Make food stacks of fun with Lunch Punch Stix!