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MontiiCo Drink Bottle Lid - Sports Lid 2.0 - Black

With a completely customised, upgraded spout design and a bigger handle for easier carrying, the Sports Lid 2.0 is back better than ever!

The much loved pop-top design with its moderate and even drinking flow, makes this a great option for small hands. Topped off with no removable parts or mouthpieces, it's deemed safe and suitable for any age (even under three!).  

Want me to show you around the MontiiCo Sports Lid 2.0? Take a look at my video tour below! 🎥

The Sports Lid 2.0 is interchangeable with their Bamboo, Sipper and Free Pour Lids and fits all MontiiCo Drink Bottle sizes.


- Measures 6.5cm tall
- Leakproof when closed
- Safe For Under 3's
- Dishwasher Safe

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