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Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps - 4 Starter Pack

Switch the plastic wraps, films and ziplock bags for a more affordable, more sustainable, more desirable way to keep your food fresh!

Proven to keep your food fresher for longer, beeswax wraps are easy to use (they mould over any shape using the heat from your hands), easy to wash (just cold, soapy water), easy to store (fold down to paper-size), and last on average for 1-2 years. 

Cover cut fresh food (eg, avocadoes, apples, tomatoes), bowls, jars, leftovers, sandwiches, salad bowls and more. A more beautiful, colourful, healthier and environmentally-friendly way to store your foods.

The 4 starter pack in the perfect way to start your collection, and the most economical. Each pack contains a size S, M, L and XL size. 

4 Starter Pack:

Size S - approx. 21.5 x 21.5cm - Perfect for covering a small plate or bowl, a small block of cheese, a small Lebanese cucumber or a cut up apple for the lunchbox

Size M - approx. 26.5 x 26.5cm - Will neatly cover most small dinner plates. Perfect size for wrapping up tortillas/flat bread wraps or around a small bread roll. Also good for cut up fruit/veg for the lunchbox

Size L - approx. 32 x 32cm - A good all-rounder size. Easily covers dinner plates or a medium sized bowl. Perfect for sandwiches and lunch wraps. Covers half an average sized cabbage and makes a decent sized salad pouch

Size XL - approx. 36 x 36xm - Perfect for wrapping or covering most fruit and veg. Fits over most large sided bowls

See below for product specifications and what I love.


- Size S - approx. 21.5 x 21.5cm
- Size M - approx. 26.5 x 26.5cm
- Size L - approx. 32 x 32cm
- Size XL - approx. 36 x 36xm
- Pack contains one of each of these sized wraps in a range of colours and prints

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