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Have a Lunchbox or Mini Lunchbox? Check out their HOTTEST new accessory!

Want me to show you around the Silicone Snack Cups? Take a look at my video tour below ūü§ď¬† has just released their very own Silicone Snack Cups offering more ways to snack! A perfect fit inside the Lunchbox and Mini Lunchbox to create additional compartments for extra variety. Ideal for separating and containing bite-sized foods, this set of two cups mean no more soggy crackers or runaway grapes!

Stacked on top of each other, they can also be used as a cup and lid to keep dips, sauces, treats securely inside. They're also oven, microwave, dishwasher (top-rack) and freezer safe, making them the perfect baking accessory. Bake in them, freeze in them, pack straight in the lunchbox!

The cups have unique, foldable sides allowing you to create different size options depending on the types of foods or lunchbox you're packing, making them extra versatile. 

Each pack contains two cups or one base and one lid, however you choose to use them. 

The specifics:

  • Made from quality food grade silicone
  • Each pack contains two silicone snack cups - one base and one lid
  • Volume capacity: base 150mL, lid 170mL
  • Age range 3+¬†'s brand new accessory that everyone's talking about!