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A versatile, lightweight snackbox for smaller portions on the go. 

With's signature stretchy, flexi, silicone seal, this dual compartment snack box means you can pack small, whole pieces of fruit alongside your favourite snacks. No more bruised, lost or forgotten about fruit! The two sealed compartments are leakproof so wet snacks such as yoghurt, custard, puree and dips can be packed with no risk of spreading. A great size for a separate munch & crunch break, or packed in the handbag or car. 


What I love:

  • Flexi whole fruit holder with stretchy seal so you can keep your fruit whole, fresh and packed alongside your other snacks
  • 2 sealed leakproof compartments, meaning you can pack wet foods such as puree, yoghurt and dips next to dry foods like crackers, sandwiches and veggie sticks
  • Removable seals for easy cleaning
  • Easy open/close grip clip
  • freezer safe
  • Compact size


  • Materials – made from PP and silicone