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Bento Two - Ash Grey

The Bento Two is compact, lightweight and easy to open, making it perfect for little hands.

Want me to show you around the Bento Two? Take a look at my video tour below 🤓❤️

It's a great size for stand-alone snacks or alongside the Bento Three or Bento Five, and will keep your snacks fresh, in-tact and separated.

The removable and adjustable divider can be used in either of the two compartments giving you the flexibility to further separate foods of different shapes and sizes. 

What I love:

  • It’s all-in-one, easy to pack, easy to store and clean (top-rack dishwasher-safe)

  • Its deep compartments – you’ll be surprised how much you can fit inside!

  • Lightweight and a great size for the handbag or small backpack

  • The included removable and adjustable divider gives you the option to separate the two compartments into three, and you can separate even further using the Little Lunchbox Co Silicone Cups

  • It’s totally leakproof for thick liquids like yoghurts and custards. Pack them right next to crackers or rice cakes and know nothing will move, spill or spoil 

  • It’s also totally airtight! Get organised and pack your snacks in advance, and know your food will stay fresh

  • Reduce your grocery bill AND your plastic waste by buying snacks in bulk and not individually wrapped

  • Child-friendly - very easy to use latch to open/close, lightweight to carry

  • Super fun design to help get your child excited for their snacks
  • You can match with a Bento Three or Bento Five lunchbox, the perfect lunching duo 
  • It’s a great fit inside the MontiiCo insulated lunch bags alongside a Bento Three or Bento Five
  • Made from durable BPA free products


  • 500mL capacity (2 cups)
  • 12.9cm x 5.6cm

Perfect for little hands, the Bento Two is lightweight, easy to use, and will keep snacks fresh, in-tact and FUN! 

*The Bento Two seal is designed to stop the transfer of wet foods with the consistency of thick yoghurts and dips. If required it is recommended to pack runny and watery liquids like dressing and sauce separately. 

Want to see for yourself? Watch my video tour below and let me show you...