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E-Book - 101 Tips for Easier, Better Lunches - Term 1, 2021

The questions I get asked alllll the time when it comes to packing easier, better, more organised lunches - all put together in one, handy, 27 page e-book!

101 tips that will have you feeling more confident, more inspired, more organised packing lunches this year. 

What you'll find inside:

  • How to stop fruits like apple and avocado browning in the lunchbox
  • Sandwiches you can make ahead of time and FREEZE!
  • My top tips for packing lunches the night before
  • 5 easy lunch ideas that aren't sandwiches
  • 7 easy lunchbox fillers you can make ahead of time and freeze
  • 10 hot AND cold thermos-filling ideas
  • 5 store-bought snacks you can buy in bulk to save individual packaging AND money
  • Easy dinner leftover ideas you can serve-up cold in the lunchbox

And so much more! Add to your cart (on its own or along with your fav products), check-out, and it will be sent to your email address ready to download within minutes. 

A great resource for first-time packers and those keen to start the year with fresh, new ideas!