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MontiiCo 700ml Drink Bottle Sipper - Lagoon

Introducing our 700ml Drink Bottle Sipper – the coolest companion for all your adventures! This size is just right for primary school aged kids, grown ups and everyone in between.

This bottle comes with our most popular Sipper lid, with a handy tab that allows you to flip ’n’ sip one handed on the go - without touching the mouth piece. We’ve upgraded the lid to have a wider mouth piece for faster flow - so that you can sip in seconds.

Our Sipper Lid comes with a handy matching carry strap to keep your hydration hero by your side. Plus, you can say goodbye to dreaded spills - this lid is leakproof when closed tight.

But wait, there's more! These bases aren’t just a one-trick pony. Designed to be multi-purpose, add a Smoothie Lid to your cart to transform your base into the ultimate smoothie sidekick!


- Dishwasher safe - Kid-Approved, Adult-Friendly - Sized just right for smaller serves, from kiddie cravings to petite portions for grown-ups! - Turn up the chill factor with our double-wall insulation - Handles hot drinks like a pro - versatility at its finest! - Built tough from Stainless Steel - Lid has a removable silicone seal inside for easy cleaning - The ultimate all rounder - switch between our other lid styles to suit your needs - Accessorise your base with your favourite bumper - Zero condensation whatever the weather - This base and lid are 100% Lead and BPA Free

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