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MontiiCo Beach Towel and Bag Set - Combat

If you'll be spending your summer beach-side or pool-side, MontiiCo's NEW matching sand-free towel and wet bag will be your most-loved, most-used accessory!

Generous in size, the ultra thin and ultra light towel (just 500g!) folds down into a compact, easy to carry, easy to pack size. Once you're done, put it back into its machine-washable water resistant carry bag, or use it for wet & sandy swimmers/rash shirts.

What I love:

  • Water resistant store & carry bag included - perfect for wet swimmers!
  • Comes with easy carry handle and sturdy Montii zip closure
  • Machine washable!
  • Lightweight, thin towel (weighs just 500g!) that’s easy to fold
  • Double sided print - double the fun!
  • Sand free technology
  • Super absorbent and fast drying
  • The towel has a loop for easy hanging
  • Made to last from quality materials
  • Perfect for the beach, pool, travel, gym and more


  • Towel is 160cm x 80cm
  • Water resistant carry bag is 34cm x 24cm

Want to know the difference between a normal beach towel & the MontiiCo sand free towel?

MontiiCo's sand free towels are made from very small, synthetic fibers. Each fiber is thinner than a thread of silk. The fibers are woven together to form a unique, absorbent structure which means they can hold up to 1 litre of water! This microfiber material is low-pile, so it doesn't hold small particles i.e sand! Get rid of stubborn sand with a quick shake before it gets inside your car and home!