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MontiiCo Large Insulated Lunch Bag - Toucan

An Insulated lunch bag that’s machine washable, keeps lunches cold and fresh for the WHOLE day and will get your kids excited about lunch times with their popular, fun designs!

Now with NEW water resistant fabric for for better performance against dirt and grime. 

This is the lunch bag your friends have told you about! The one with the gel pack that comes home still frozen, even in Queensland in the middle of summer. Specifically designed to withstand the playground test, it’s durable, it’s practical, it’s easy to clean and it’s FUN! 

    Which lunchboxes/snackboxes/food jars fit inside?

    Check here - MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bag Size Guide

      Ensure their lunches are kept cool and fresh, and get your kids excited to bring their lunch from home!


      - Measurements (inside) 23.5cm x 28cm x 7.5cm

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