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MontiiCo Insulated Tote Bag - Navy (Tote)

Introducing MontiiCo’s brand new NAVY Tote Bag!

This is your family’s answer to beach days, picnic lunches, day trips, even work days – a bag that will fit EVERYTHING! A simple, beautiful print you’ll be proud to show off and bonus insulation to keep drink bottles, snacks, lunchboxes cool and fresh. And did I mention it’s machine washable?! 

What I love:

  • Thick insulation and zip closure to keep contents cooler + fresher for longer
  • Reinforced double-stitched canvas handles – you can really load them up!
  • Large, flexible design and wide opening
  • Zippered pocket for securing items
  • Inside pocket for small storage
  • Easy to clean, machine washable – couldn’t be easier!
  • Throw in a MontiiCo gel pack (not included) to keep everything cooler for longer


  • Bag measurements: 45cm X 54cm

A family weekend and holiday essential! Easier, more organised, all-in-one. It’s time to transform your day trips!

Keen to take a look around? Let me show you...