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MontiiCo Silicone Straw Set - Mellow

Reusable Straws - such a small change that can make such a BIG difference.

If you're looking for an easy to way to reduce your disposable plastic use, straws are a fabulous place to start. Australians use 10 million disposable straws every day... and for every one of those 10 million it takes more than 200 years for them to decompose. And even after that, they can't completely. Every straw that exists in the world today will leave their mark on our planet forever. 

Don’t think Montii’s going mellow in his old age - he’s still as hip as ever! He’s getting in touch with nature and finding his softer side. With a set of six soft silicone straws. Sippin’ in style while watching the sunset has never looked more relaxing.


Set includes 6 silicone straws (26cm length) + cleaning brush, in a reusable linen bag.

It's time to be the change.