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NEW! Hello Kitty - Pink Lunchbox

Featuring a large compartment that fits a whole sandwich plus, sitting underneath the tray is a Hello Kitty inspired gel cooler pack to keep food fresher for longer.

Want me to show you around the Take a look at my video tour below 🤓 ❤️, also known as the whole food’s lunchbox, is brand new to the bento box world and is taking the Australian lunch boxing market by storm!

It’s been designed with flexibility in mind. If you have a child who prefers whole foods – whole sandwiches, whole rolls, whole bananas, whole pieces of fruit (including apples) – this is a bento box you both will love.

What I love:

  • You can fit a whole sandwich on a removable, purpose-built tray. Included with the lunch box is a small, round gel pack that fits directly underneath the tray to keep your sandwich cold and fresh
  • You can remove the sandwich tray and pack larger foods that require more depth – rolls, salads, croissants, wraps, pasta, leftovers
  • It has a unique built-in flexi whole fruit holder which lets you store large, round fruits (like apples!) as the stretchy seal bends around the shape of your fruit. No need to cut fruit into pieces, no more risk of fruit turning brown or spoiling!
  • Specifically designed leakproof silicone sealed compartments which means you can pack wet foods like yoghurt, watermelon without the risk of them leaking into other compartments
  • It comes with a custom divider that slides across the whole side compartment allowing you to adjust the compartment size as needed. Or leave out completely to create an extra long space for a wrap, banana
  • Seals on the lid are completely removable for easy cleaning and to prevent mould build-up. Nothing can hide!
  • Very easy to open latch and handle designed for small hands and encourages independence
  • Designed for kids 3 years +
  • A great fit inside the MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bags

  • Specifics:

    • Weight 0.47kg – very light!
    • Dimensions 235mm (h) x 215mm (w) x 65mm (d)
    • Hand wash only
    • Freezer safe
    • Made from PP and silicone
    • BPS, PVC, BPA and Phthalate free

    If you’ve looking for an all-in-one easy to use, practical, large bento-style lunch box that’s designed to be flexible, you can stop the search! Australian-owned bbox has got you covered. Make lunches easier starting now!

    Want to see for yourself? Watch my video tour below and let me show you...