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OmieBox - Yellow Sunshine

The first of its kind, this award-winning insulated bento box holds hot and cold food in one!

Want me to show you around the OmieBox? Take a look at my tour video below!

The OmieBox is in a league of its own. Beautifully designed, it is the first insulated bento box to hit the market. It has two different temperature zones, keeping hot food warm and cold food cool, allowing for healthier, heartier lunches.

OmieBox uses two types of insulation, so meals are always served at the perfect temperature. Air insulation, vacuum insulation plus an airtight seal minimizes heat transfer to keep its food fresh and yummy. 

Confidently pack foods like yoghurt, fruit and crackers in the cold compartments, and spaghetti, soup or noodles inside the in-built thermos and know they will all be enjoyed at their optimum temperatures.

    *Only the insulated container can hold liquids. The cold compartments can hold wet foods but not items that are liquid-consistency like salad dressing

    Thanks to the OmieBox, you no longer need to pack multiple lunch containers. Invest in one lunchbox that simply does it all!

    Want to see for yourself? Watch my video tour below and let me show you...


    - Volumes: long compartment 425g, short compartment 280g, square compartment 708g, insulated container 212g

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