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Onya Reusable Produce Bags - 8 Pack - Apple

Stop using the supermarket fruit and vegetable plastic bags, and start using Onya's Reusable Product Bags!

Made with a small, handy pouch to carry them in, each mesh bag weighs less than 10grams, is breathable so you can put straight in the fridge and can hold up to 2kg of produce.

Each bag is made from 8 recycled plastic bottles! Not only are you reducing your single-use plastic consumption, but you are also purchasing a product that is taking plastic waste from landfill and turning it into something reusable for many years to come. 

Australian company Onya prides itself on creating high quality, useful products for your everyday use that can be kept "On You."

    Be the change you want to see in the world, one less plastic bag at a time. 


    - Bag size is 30xm x 25cm
    - Made from BPA Free recycled drink bottles
    - 100% recyclable and sustainable

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