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Onya Reusable Shopping Bag - Small - Olive Red Tree

Replace supermarket plastic carry bags with these 100% recyclable, reusable shopping bags and reduce your plastic use!

Made from 7 recycled plastic bottles, this bag not only reduces the need to use single-use, disposable plastic, but it's also turning plastic waste from landfill into a product that will be used for many years to come!

It comes with a stuffable carry pouch which will easily fit into your handbag ready for any unplanned purchases, and it is super strong, often capable of holding far more than you may be able to carry! 

Inside the bag, you will find the pouch and drawstring with the carabiner attached. Simply click the carabiner into the small caddy loop found on the inside near the bag opening, and your bag is now a tote.

The caddy loops on the inside of the bag opening can be used by the checkout attendant and slipped over the plastic bag dispenser most checkouts use. This allows the checkout attendant (or you!) to more easily pack your shopping bags.

Compact, lightweight and so easy to keep in your handbag, you will never leave your shopping bags at home again! 

Australian company Onya prides itself on creating high quality, useful products for your everyday use that can be kept "On You."

    Be the change you want to see in the world, one less plastic bag at a time. 


    - Width 37cm, Height 46cm (27 litre)
    - Made from 7 BPA Free recycled drink bottles
    - 100% recyclable and sustainable
    - Washable - cool hand wash
    - 12 month Manufacturer's Warranty

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