7 adult lunch ideas

7 lunchbox ideas just for you 🫵🏼

Lunchboxes aren't just for them, but for you too! Gone are the days where their sandwich crusts and leftover fruit are your lunch, check out these easy, healthy & super tasty adult-lunchbox ideas 💡

1. Taco Salad 🌮

A fool proof way to use leftover taco mince & broken taco shells: in the Ecococoon 2 Compartment

2. Rice Paper Rolls 🫓

Easy, tasty & healthy: in the Bentgo Modern

3. Falafel Salad 🥗

A classic salad with a twist: in the Ecococoon 2 Compartment

4. Air Fryer Chicken Poke Bowl 🥣

DIY your very own poke bowl: in The Zero Waste People Round Container

5. 5 Ingredient Butter Chicken 🍗 

The easiest way to turn a dinner fav into a hearty lunch: in the Frank Green Food Container

6. Chicken & Beetroot Salad 🥗

The brightest & tastiest salad you'll ever try: in the Bentgo Modern

7. Quiche in the Lunchbox 🥚

Baking/cooking directly in the lunchbox!? in The Zero Waste People Bento Snack Box

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