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Lunchbox smarter, not harder

Lunchbox Mini is your one-stop-lunchbox-shop for busy, overwhelmed, overworked parents and caregivers who want to pack yummy, nutritious school lunches their kids will eat with ease and confidence, no matter what the rest of the morning throws at them.

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In a nutshell

How it all began...

In 2018, my youngest was heading to Prep. After seven (long-ish!) years of doing the stay-at-home-parenting thing, I was ready for something new.

Four months later, after weeks of scouring the positions vacant ads for the 'perfect' position, I came across a small lunchbox business for sale on Gumtree. Little did I know how new that something would actually be!

I drove away from the business handover meeting with every piece of stock in the back of my car, and absolutely no business, marketing or e-commerce experience. I was so excited, so motivated, so determined and so, so naïve! 🙃

What started as just me packing orders in the spare room of our house, has now turned into a team of five amazing women, working together from our Brisbane warehouse. I am beyond grateful for the journey that has brought me here this far, and am so excited for what's still to come.

I love that you've found us, and are here reading this. And I would LOVE to help give you that *nailed it!* lunchbox feeling! It's what we do best here 🙌

Anna x

Lunchbox Mini is your one-stop-lunchbox-shop ✨

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