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Easier, better lunches start here...

"I initially thought Yumboxes were for people who had more money than sense, and would never have spent $40 on a plastic box. One night after too many wines, I bought the Panino for my 5 year old and have been hooked ever since. Biggest gamechanger was the airtight seal that kept everything fresh and in its own compartment. I now have 4 bento boxes and am one very happy, converted customer!"  - Erica, Lunchbox Mini customer

Sound familiar?! Not sure what all the hype is about when it comes to all-in-one, leakproof, airtight lunchboxes?

I’m Anna and I’m here to tell you there is an easier way to better lunches. If you want to feel more organised, more confident and even PROUD when it comes to packing lunches for your fam, you’ve come to the right place!

When you’re over packing and washing multiple containers every single day, having food spoil or leak in the school bag, or you’re tired of replacing cheap products that just aren’t holding up, making the decision to switch to easier, better lunches is often the easy part! Deciding which new, quality, easy to pack, easy to use lunchbox can feel like a big, daunting decision – there are so many well-known, big-named brand lunchboxes out there that all seem to do the same thing, how do you know which one to choose?!

My goal is to take away the overwhelm, confusion and guess-work, and help you choose the RIGHT one. Whether you have a a child who loves variety, is a big eater, won't touch sandwiches, prefers to graze, only likes whole fruit, loves big rolls, wants everything cut into bite-sized pieces - there is an easy lunchbox solution! With the help of my video tours, product comparisons and weekly facebook lives, I want to help you find it!

Start packing easy, simple, variety-filled lunches that you will have you feeling organised, proud, inspired!

Easier, better lunches starts here!

Anna x

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