Hi! I'm Anna and I'm the proud chief Mum-boss here at Lunchbox Mini.

In 2011 I went on 12 months maternity leave, not knowing that it would actually turn into 7 kind-of-long but kind-of-quick years of "home duties" - don't you love that title?!

Our days were spent rotating between playgroups, free local library activities, swimming lessons and babyccino dates. Whenever I had a minute or two to myself, I’d be trawling through recipes online searching for the next store-bought, pre-packaged food I could try and replicate and make myself. No added thickeners, sweeteners, sugars, preservatives, additives or number combinations that I couldn’t decipher. My happy place was in the kitchen and I spent many naptimes and Wiggles episodes experimenting!

Fast forward to 2018 when my youngest started school, and my brain needed something more. In the midst of being a full-time mum, I’d lost a bit of me. I wanted a new challenge, I wanted something to get excited about, I wanted something I could be proud of, and I wanted to be the mum helping in the prep classroom. Lots of google searches, positions vacant ads and franchise enquiries later, I stumbled across the business, Lunchbox Mini, for sale. And just like that, I’d met my match.

Through Lunchbox Mini my aim is to inspire every day families to reduce their disposable plastics use, their food waste, and their reliance on pre-packaged, individually wrapped, lunchbox foods. All the things I’m passionate about! I want to share easy, practical and cost-effective tips that will not only help the environment but also save you money and time.

It doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be all at once. One small change, one less plastic bag, it all counts and it all matters.

My most favourite thing about this business is helping people make the switch to quality, durable, easy to use, on-trend, FUN products that help reduce your disposable plastic use. If you’re after advice or have a question about any of our products, please get in touch – email, facebook, Instagram – I want to hear from you!  

And before you go, I’d love you to join our Lunchbox Mini community.  Let’s start making small steps together to reduce our plastic use, food waste and reliance on pre-packaged lunchbox foods – are you with me?!

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