best snack box for crunch & sip/brain break | a quick video run-down

Our 2 most popular 'brain break' containers! Check out my video below 🔥
1. snackbox
2. montiico bento two

which one is best?

If you...
👉 Want the option to pack a small, whole piece of fruit
👉 Will only need to pack a couple of different foods
👉 Want something easy, low fuss
I'd recommend the snackbox 👌

If you...
👉 Want the option to pack extra variety
👉 Will be packing small, finger-food type snacks
👉 Want something that's dishwasher-safe
I'd recommend the montiico bento two.

Both are super easy to open, lightweight, a great compact size and are hands-down our 2 favourite snackboxes 🙌 

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