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Award-winning, best-selling! A twin pack of reusable, non-stick, dishwasher-safe silicone baking mats specifically designed to keep your large, single drawer air fryer clean and mess-free. An easier, cleaner, more sustainable way to air fry starts now.

Reusable Baking Mats - Round

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krumbsco's made-to-fit round air fryer baking mats (for your large round or square basket air fryers) make the job of cleaning your air fryer, easy! To make sure they'll fit in your brand and size of air fryer, check the specifications below.

Each pack contains two reusable baking mats. One with holes, which is best used for foods you're wanting to keep crunchy (chicken nuggets, pinwheels, scrolls), and stops pastry, melted cheese, crumbs sticking to or lining your air fryer basket base. The other is best for foods that have sauces or marinades (chicken or fish fillets, roast meats), that stops your sauce seeping through the basket holes and burning itself into your basket base. Both mats are easy to wipe clean or throw in the dishwasher, and can be used time and time again.

Enjoy an easier, cleaner, more sustainable way to air fry.

Made to fit inside most large and extra large single-basket air fryer types* with a square or round basket, including:

  • Philips XL, XXL
  • Kmart 3.2L, 5.3L
  • 7L Nutribullet XXL
  • Tefal Easy Fry Classic
  • Ninja Deluxe

*Your air fryer not on the list? Measure the diameter/width of your air fryer basket. If it's 20cm or above from one side to the other, these mats will be a great size. If it's less than 20cm, our rectangle size will be a better option. 

    Note: Always ensure the food you're cooking is heavy enough to keep the mat secured to the bottom of the basket to prevent it moving around and coming in contact with the heating element. Do not use the baking mats in pre-heat mode. 

    Why we love it?

    💗 Each pack contains 2 x 21cm diameter, round baking mats – one plain, one with holes.
    💗 The plain mat is best suited for larger foods or meats with thin, saucy marinades you don’t want to lose through the holes or stick to the basket base.
    💗The holed mat is best suited for crispy foods that require more airflow.
    💗 They’re a generic size made to fit most Large and Extra Large single-basket air fryers, and can also be used as reusable cake liners, baking tray liners or steaming liners for your oven.

    Product specs

    ✨ Weight: 67g
    ✨ Mat diameter 21cm
    ✨ Air fryer and oven safe to 230 degrees
    ✨ Freezer safe
    ✨ 100% food-grade silicone

    The holed mat is best recommended for air frying foods like:
    ✨ Sausage rolls, scrolls, pinwheels
    ✨ Rissoles, meatballs
    ✨ Chicken wings, drumsticks, schnitzels
    ✨ Lamb cutlets, chops
    ✨ Steak, sausages
    ✨ Pizza
    ✨ Cookies, scones

    The plain mat is best recommended for air frying foods like:
    ✨ Whole pieces or fillets of marinated fish, beef, lamb
    ✨ Whole chicken thigh, breast
    ✨ Roast chicken, lamb, beef
    ✨ Anything with a sauce or marinade

    Air fryers pictured: Kmart 5.3L, Phillips XXL