Customer Video Reviews

See which lunch and mealtime products these customers LOVE the most!

One of our most favourite things here at Lunchbox Mini is hearing how much our products have changed how you lunch!

Meet Beqa. Who, thanks to her Little Lunchbox Co Bento 5, silicone cups and Lunch Punch Stix, now feels like a mum Goddess in the morning!

Meet Bek, a Little Lunchbox Co Bento 5 lover, who'd had enough of packing 3-5 separate containers for school every day.


Meet Phoebe. A big fan of our Lunch Punch Wrap Bands that make her kid's wraps easy, glad-wrap free, mess-free.

This is Carly, whose family swapped their pre-packaged breakfast drinks for home-made, healthy smoothies that she could control the ingredients in AND keep cold thanks to the MontiiCo Insulated Smoothie Cups