Go Green

Go Green has fast become one of the most popular lunch boxes on the market, and it's very clear why. They're leakproof, extremely durable, easy for little hands to open and close and its unique turn 'n lock technology ensures food stays fresh all day.

Designed for the biggest of eaters, the Go Green Original was the first lunch box released, fitting a whopping 8 cups of food! This can be purchased as part of a lunch box set which also includes an insulated carry bag, drink bottle and gel freezer pack. A great value buy!  

New to the collection is the Medium and Snack range. Featuring the same great quality and turn 'n lock technology, these are perfect for smaller eaters, and snacks on the go. 

Go Green lunch boxes will not only stand the test of time, they're easy to use, eco-friendly and FUN! 

If you'd like to take a look at the Go Greens for yourself, click here and let me show you around!

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