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OmieBox - Sunshine V2

One lunchbox, two temperature zones! The OmieBox is a super versatile, all-in-one insulated lunchbox that enables you to pack both hot AND cold foods together!

Love to take a closer look? Watch Anna's quick video run-down below or how she packs it here!

The OmieBox uses two types of insulation to ensure your food is always kept at the optimum temperature. Air insulation, vacuum insulation as well as an airtight seal which minimizes heat transfer and keeps food fresh and tasty. The thermos (which is held in place inside the lunchbox thanks to the securing insert), can be used for either hot OR cold foods and is completely removable. When removed, it leaves a great space for a large sandwich, wrap, breadroll or salad. 

Released in 2022, the new and improved OmieBox V2 features a slightly larger thermos (just under one cup capacity), the ability to keep food warmer for longer, and an easier to close latch especially designed especially for the smallest of hands.

If you're looking for one lunchbox that can do it all - from cold to hot to fresh - the OmieBox will totally change how you lunchbox! 


- When packing hot food, the OmieBox is best stored and kept at room temperature (not in the fridge or packed alongside an ice pack).

- Only the insulated container can hold liquids. The cold compartments can hold wet foods like yoghurt or custard, but not items that are liquid-consistency like salad dressing and soy sauce.



- Lunchbox capacity: 6.5 cups of food
- Volume: long compartment 425g, short compartment 280g, square compartment 708g, insulated container 212g
- Dimensions: 9.65cm x 21.6cm x 19.05 cm
- Weight: 770g
- Made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel and BPA free & Phthalate free plastic, food grade silicone
- Accessories – OmiePod and OmieDip containers sold separately
- Handwashing is recommended to prevent the high heat and harsh detergents damaging your OmieBox.

Measurements and weight is approximate.

PLEASE NOTE: The lunchbox itself is leakproof for thick liquids like yoghurt and custard. Any thin, watery liquids like salad dressing, soy sauce and fruit juices should be packed in a pouch or inside the included insulated container.

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