Krumbsco Lunchbox Baker Set - Oven Size

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Ready to reduce your grocery bill and make your own super simple, family favourite, lunchbox-size snacks and treats at home? Our Lunchbox Baker Set is a great place to start!

Krumbsco Lunchbox Baker Set - Oven

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With our best-selling and award winning oven-size Muffin Bite, Brownie Bite and Muesli Bar non-stick silicone baking trays included, these will give you the perfect, small-hand, lunchbox-size snacks in record time.

Love some simple recipes to get started? Pair with our brand new recipe e-book, 'Super Simple Lunchbox-Size Recipes' with a mix of 18 easy to follow, one-bowl, family favourite recipes using common, everyday, pantry-staple ingredients, inside. Each recipe is five steps or less, has been specially crafted to fit inside our krumbsco bakeware (with both oven and air fryer versions), and is so easy, any of the family will be able to master this home-made baking thing!

This krumbsco Lunchbox Baker Set includes:

  • krumbsco Lunchbox Bites - Muffin - Oven
  • krumbsco Lunchbox Bites - Brownie - Oven
  • krumbsco Lunchbox Bites - Muesli Bar Tray - Oven