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krumbsco Lunchbox Bites Recipe Magnet - Vanilla Cupcakes

Start baking in your air fryer like a pro, from the very start! 

Our favourite go-to Vanilla Cupcake recipe, with the perfect ingredient portions to bake in your krumbsco Lunchbox Bites Muffin air fryer tray. No need to google, screenshot, waste time trying to search for recipes on your phone. Keep your new favourite, go-to recipes in a handy spot on your fridge! 

With just 6 pantry-staple ingredients (no beaters required!), it's a very simple one-bowl recipe you'll use again and again. 

Pairs well with?

krumbsco Muffin BitesA non-stick, air fryer safe, round silicone muffin tray designed for easy baking and bento-size lunchbox snacks. 

krumbsco Brownie Bites: A non-stick, air fryer safe, square silicone brownie tray designed for easy baking and bento-size lunchbox snacks.

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